About Us


We are located boarding the Capital city of Manama on the Buddaiya Highway, Pets Farm creates an ideal location for animal lovers. It was our passion for animals that turned into a wonderful business which brings love, warmth and joy to many people in this part of the world. This inspired us to setup Pets Farm in 2003.It is with the same passion we established Pets home in Hamala in the year 2011 and Over the years we have grown and have introduced a variety of pets, accessories ,food and services. All thanks to our Valued Customers.

At Pets Home we don’t just look at ‘storing’ pets for sale. Our commitment is way beyond that. With over a decade of experience in pet care and trained staff. We look at providing the utmost care for the pets and a comfortable habitat for them. We do our best to create a ‘second home’ for the pets we have in our care.

A variety of domestic animals such as “man’s best friend” dogs, the cuddly loveable cats, the chirpy birds including the colourful macaws, and even talking parrots are just to name a few. In addition to the domestic animals we also have rabbits, turtles, hamsters, mice, Ginny pigs. Along with all accessories that are required for the pets such as food, cages, chains, collars, cat litter, toys etc. And services like pet taxi, Grooming, pet travel aid, boarding, dog training and so on. To know more about us don’t hesitate to contact or better yet pay us a visit. Your trip would be an eventful and enjoyable experience.