Small Pets Grooming

Pet groomers perform various grooming duties necessary to improve pets’ hygiene and enhance their physical appearance. They bathe, brush, and dry pets, clean their teeth and ears, as well as trim their nails and hair/fur.

Nail Cut

A solid pet-grooming schedule includes more than just bathing and brushing your pet. To protect both the owner and animal, nails/claws should be clipped regularly. Trimmed nails are a clear sign of your pet’s health and hygiene.Since nail trimming can cause anxiety for many pets that owners handle their pet’s ,trim their nails from an early age.

Basic Cleaning

Owning a pocket pet will surely bring a lot of joy and entertainment into your life, but there are also a handful of important responsibilities within small animal care that you must keep in mind. Whether you own a guinea pig, rabbit, ferret or other kind of smaller pet, it is imperative to clean their cage on a regular basis.